Locating Surveillance and Target Acquisition Association

                                            “The Eyes and Ears of the Battlefield”

Welcome to the LSTAA website

We are an association of former and current serving members of a Locating Artillery or Surveillance and Target Acquisition unit. Other people with experience or interest in Artillery Locating Surveillance and Target Acquisition may also apply to join.

PATRONS:  LT.COL. David Hickey [current CO 20th Regt. RAA]
                                   Phil Swinsburg [Inaugural CO 20th STA Regt. RAA]

LSTAA committee: President – Maj. Russell Hamsey OAM, Senior Vice President – Allen Morley, Junior Vice President – Terry Erbs, Secretary – Stephen Wynn, Treasurer – Sean Voss, Historian/Ordinary Member – Keith Ayliffe BEM, Ordinary Member – Ian Board, Ordinary Member – Harry Lynas OAM.

REPS: 133 BTY Jenni Jiear OAM, Northern Rivers David Doyle OAM & David Auld, Hunter Region Graham “Wheels” Campbell, Craig Church & Peter Westcott

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a central forum to maintain continued comradeship and contact amongst its members.
  • Arrange regular meetings, annual reunions and open days.
  • Provide a means for interested persons to be kept informed of current developments and doctrine in Locating.
  • Provide a regular Newsletter and an Internet Web Page.
  • Foster the knowledge and understanding of Artillery Locating and Surveillance and Target Acquisition skills and roles, particularly in relation to the Australian Defence Force and its history.

If you wish to contact us, please use the following:

Postal address:-

LSTAA Secretary Steve Wynn

18 Yippin Creek Rd, Yippin Creek, NSW 2246.


stevow007 at gmail.com

or Webmaster

terry.erbs at gmail.com

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3 Mark 7 radar
AN/KPQ -1 [photographer Ian Finlay]
AN/TPK-36 [Sean Voss]